Wednesday, 27 July 2011

3rd Person Movement & Animation Control Rig Test

This is a video showing a simple test of a 3rd person view Movement & Animation control rig. Features include camera collision, movement to animation synchronisation and skeletal bone spatial position reference routines as demonstrated here with the throwing of grenades. Written in Blitzmax and using the Leadwerks Engine this is the simple base code off of which a more robust solution will be created. The test also utilises a Blitzmax module that I created to take the game mechanic aspects from Furious Frank and have them readily available for other projects, in this case the explosion system and particle FX were used. The grenade object/model Lua script is a hybrid of two scripts written by Macklebee for a grenade launcher and ammo, which is used in Furious Frank.

Character model is by Arteria 3D

Also in HD


Now that's just COOL. Specially the 3rd person camera... Really an achievement. And the animations are so smooth and nice. Really good job. Congratulations :)

Crikey, did you guys get lost on your way to a proper blog? lol ...

@Roland: Thanks m8, it still needs work, but I am certainly happy with the progress so far.

@Ian: hi m8, thanks, still things I want to impliment, but its getting there.

@Paul: Hey m8, thanks, need to PM you about adding your blog to my blog list with regards to your UE3 adventures.

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