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Sunday, 28 February 2010


Well, after much testing I have decided on an actual 3D modelling app to use in my workflow. I already have Blender, and while there are some very skilled users of this on the forum (Niosop and afecelis spring to mind and their tutorials are definitely worth checking out), I still find its user interface awkward and clumsy. So I demo'd a few different ones that would not break the bank. In the end I decided on AC3D. I find it simple to use and has enough features for what I wanted it for. 3DWS is still my main application for creating architecture, but I needed something for what I call redundant decoration, and so far AC3D has proved to be just what I was looking for.

Redundant Decoration is simply my term for low poly non functional assets, like in the picture below, filing cabinets, desks, fake PC's ect.

Filing Cabinet: 12 Polys
Desk: 192 Polys (currently, still room for "pruning")
PC Screen & Keyboard: 70 Polys

The textures still need some work, but using a combination of ShaderMap Pro and manual editing on the normal maps has produced some promising results.

So far I am impressed with AC3D, and would recommend to those who were looking for a low priced 3D Modeller to check out its 14 day demo. Combined with 3DWS, Blender and UU3D I think I have this side of development sewn up application wise.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Weather or not

Well nothing much to report, that does not mean nothing much has been going on though.

I have decided that as and when I make an emitter for a specific purpose, I will now create its own editor entity to save time by not having to create the exact same settings over and over. Also not every setting available needs to be adjusted so I will now re-write the properties to reflect what they effect and remove the ones not requiring adjusting for a particular effect and simply hard code them into the script.

This sort of came about when thinking about trying to get weather effects into the editor and eventually into an app. This is one I did for snow. It's a simple emitter used to create a localised snow effect in the Leadwerks Editor, using a custom .dds file for the snow flake created in Paint.NET

Monday, 1 February 2010

CCTV using Leadwerks Engine 2.3

CCTV using Leadwerks Engine 2.3 from an app. written in Blitzmax as a proof of concept.

* The switch script being used to allow text and icons was created by Macklebee
** Best viewed in HD


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