Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Quick 3rd Person View Character Test.

Ok, its been a while since the last post, took me a while to regain access to my blog after Blogger was taken over, seems Google had some issues in the "not so smooth change over". Anyhow happy new year.

This was a quick test of a character I purchased from a relatively new 3D asset company, 3dFoin, currently they are having a new year 40% off sale so I though I'd check out one of their character models. I have recently built a new PC so most of my development code and "stuff" is on storage drives that I still need to go through, so I quickly coded a script for "her" and a 3rd person collision cam rig off the top of my head to try "her" out. I made some alterations to the textures and made a few adjustments here and there in UU3D. Overall, I think "she" was worth the money. I may have to try out some more of their wares before the sale is over.

I only set up three of the animation's that come with "her", walk, run and idle. I did not bother with animation blending, or smoothing out the turning when moving from stationary/vanity cam mode, this was just a simple temporary rig. The "level" was just some assets quickly thrown together for effect.

You can find 3dFoin here:

The other assets are from several sources that include:

Michael, over at Pure3D:

Steve, at Arteria3D:

and the boys over at Dexsoft:

As soon as I locate the 3rd person rig I used here ....

I will test "her" out fully. But on the whole I am very pleased with the purchase and will be keeping an eye on their products in the future.


Your video are nice to understand TPS camera. I have one question. How do you handle camera collision to avoid seing through walls ?

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