Wednesday, 30 March 2011

UDK - Hawken

Hawken is a FPS multiplayer mech combat game. The team behind the development is Adhesive Games, a small independent game studio located in Los Angeles.

"When the Adhesive Games team set out to create Hawken, they had almost no experience using Unreal Engine 3. For Khang Le, art director at Adhesive Games, the focus was on finding a robust solution that could deliver the graphically intense vision he had for the game on a tight schedule and with triple-A quality.

Le and his team decided to use UDK for the game because, when it came to Unreal Engine 3, he says, “We were familiar with its reputation as possibly the most licensed game engine in the industry. Being able to begin production using a cutting-edge game engine with no start-up cost offers an important opportunity to indie developers like us.”

Adhesive Games considered other options before choosing UDK, but Le explains that it quickly emerged as the frontrunner."

Hawken UDK - Showcase


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