Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Crytek to release UDK-like version of CryEngine 3

Last April, I blogged about the news that Crytek might be releasing a free version of the CryEngine, much in the same way that Epic did with UDK and the Unreal 3 engine and also Unity licensing the indie version of their engine as free. Well, it seems that this will happen with CryEngine 3.

According to Crytek co-founder Anvi Yerli, "The barriers for entry will be very low, and perhaps [it will be distributed] for free." Details and a release date for this CryEngine 3 Lite SDK have yet to be announced. It seems resonable to speculate that such a release could be similar to what Epic Games did when it released its UDK tools in 2009.

Full Article Here

Sean Tracy also mentions this at the end of an interview recorded at GDC 11.

It is turning out to be an interesting year for indie developers.


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