Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A* Pathfinding MapData Generator.

The Alpha of my MapData Generator, this is the first phase where the terrain is interrogated and using pre-defined criteria an external .dat file is created containing the walkable and unwalkable grid information for a loaded map. This information can then be fed into either my Blitzmax/Leadwerks A* solution:

A* Pathfinding Using Blitzmax And Leadwerks Engine

or my Lua/Leadwerks A* Solution:

AI, Waypoints, A* Pathfinding, Lua & Leadwerks.

Of course this is only one way to create the node graph data for A* pathfinding. But for current tests using my Lua A* Library this approach will do just fine. The editor currently has only hard coded settings which in the demo video also checks to see if a grid square is below the waterplane and mark it unwalkable.


Fantastic work, Marley. I didn't know you were planning to make an editor for your AI way-points and navigation mesh. That's awesome.

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